Island Tours

All tours are calculated to a fixed price, and up to 4 people are allowed to participate. Ask our reception team, whether the desired tour in available and can be planned for you.

Egon, the Sleeping Giant
incl. Ride to the starting point of the ascent, tour led by experienced guide, second breakfast on the summit.
€ 134,-

At the Hot Springs
incl. Ride to the starting point of the jungle hike, tour led by experienced guide with picnic at the hot springs.
€ 134,-

Kelimutu, the Holy Mountain
incl. Ride to the starting point at Kelimutu, entrance to national park, without lunch, group ascent to the crater lakes.
€ 115,-

Maumere and the Surroundings
Incl. Ride to fish market of Maumere and visit to the weekly market. Visit to fishing harbor Wuring and the Madonna statue NILO, ride to Sikka with picnic on the beach.
€ 96,- 


Diving course

Sorry, but we have no dive courses at the moment, because we have no instructor!

Please inquire beforehand, to see if a diving instructor in on site when you wish to participate in a diving course. Diving courses are instructed within the regulations and to the standards of the SSI (Scuba schools international) or the IAC (International Aquanautic Club.)

The brevets (diving-certificate) will be sent from the diving association to your private address. On site you will receive a temporary brevet.

Please bring a valid doctors note stating capability to dive.

Open Water Diver – (OWD)
incl. Equipment, training in pool und 4 boat-dives and brevet.
€ 320,-

Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD)
incl. Equipment, 4 boat-dives and brevet

Rescue Diver
incl. Equipment, , 4 boat-dives and brevet
€ 180,-

All single and special Dive Certification includes: equipment, 2 boat-dives and brevet.

OWD Update: € 139,-
Boar Diving: € 139,-
Orientation Diving: € 139,-
Deep Diving: € 139,-
Weighted-diving € 139,-

When requested, learning books can be ordered for assistance, you will be however responsible for the cost.
Training to become a Dive master (Diving-instructor assistant) or Diving-instructor is always possible. Let us know personally if you are interested